A Year of Reading Women

So one thing I don’t like is when people put together one of those book lists with a whack-load of books on it and you’ve heard of maybe like, three of them. But then it’s prefaced with some sort of challenge in the title, like “50 books you need to read before you die,” or […]

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Mapping the Cloud Atlas: Connections in the Novels of David Mitchell

A domestic terrorist accidentally calls a record store. A 19-year-old looking for his father is captured by the Yakuza. A cloned service worker leads a rebellion against a Korean superstate. A chronic stammerer gets poetry advice from the daughter of a famous composer. A Dutch clerk falls in love with a scarred Japanese midwife. A middle-aged woman […]

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How to make your own fantasy map in 4 easy steps

So, you’ve decided to make your very own fantasy novel/movie/video game/RPG/MMORPGTGIF. You’ve already planned out what kinds of unique and interesting creatures will live in your magical world: elves, dwarves, wizards, totally-not-orcs-even-though-they-definitely-look-and-act-exactly-like-orcs, and dragons. Now, to continue your streak of originality, you want to make a map of your fantasy land, so everyone will know how well […]

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